Cracked Bell Appeal

As many readers will know, the 5 bell in our ring of 8 has developed a small crack. We are no longer ringing this bell, except when usng the simulator, both to avoid worsening the crack and because it sounds horrible!

The total cost of repair (probably welding) will be in the region of 12000, at least in part because a stone mullion has to be removed from one of the louvres to allow the bell to be removed from the tower.

Althgough some grants and loans may be available, the ringers are attempting to raise most of this money themselves. Please support their events and ideas as well as you can.

Recent events

The appeal launch with tower tours and tea took place on Saturday 28th February and raised over 700 for the appeal. About 50 people actually climbed the vertical ladder to see the bells themselves.

Forthcoming events

Saturday 9th May 10am - 12noon Produce and Plant Sale in the Vicarage Garden
Saturday 6th June afternoon "Vicarage Fete"