Recent practices

Methods rung

Bells out of commision - work on bearings etc.
Wednesday 21st September 12 and 2 visitors Rounds on 6; Grandsire Doubles; St Simons Doubles; P B Doubles & Minor; Plain hunt on 5 & 6; Stedman Doubles
Wednesday 28th September 13 and 1 visitors Rounds on 6; Grandsire Doubles; Stedman Doubles; P B Doubles & Minor; Reverse Canterbury Doubles; Winchenden Place Doubles; St Clements Minor
Wednesday 5th October 15 and 1 tied-bell beginners Rounds on 6; Rounds & Call Changes on 8; P B Doubles; Stedman Triples; Grandsire Doubles; Plain hunt on 7
Wednesday 12th October 14, 1 tied-bell beginners and 1 visitors Rounds on 6; Plain hunt on 7; Grandsire Doubles; P B Doubles; Stedman Triples; Reverse Canterbury Doubles
Wednesday 19th October 12 and 1 visitors Rounds on 6; Reverse Canterbury Doubles; P B Doubles; Stedman Doubles; Grandsire Doubles; Winchenden Place Doubles
Wednesday 26th October 10 and 3 tied-bell beginners Plain hunt on 5; Stedman Doubles; Grandsire Triples; Rounds & Call Changes on 8; Winchenden Place Doubles; Cambridge S Major; St Clements Minor; P B Doubles & Triples
Wednesday 2nd November 10, 1 tied-bell beginners and 3 visitors Rounds & Call Changes on 8; Stedman Triples; P B Triples; Plain hunt on 7; Rounds on 6; Cambridge S Major; Grandsire Triples